Rules of play

The main tournament on Saturday and Sunday and in the beach-volleyball-tournament on Friday only teenagers (age Group 2000 and younger) may participate!

► The youth tournament on Saturday and Sunday is divided in five age-categories, both for the girls and the boys.

► If you want to start with boys and girls in the same team (= mixed), you have to play in a boy competition class.

ATTENTION  + + NEW : This year we offer an own competition class only for mixed-teams (at least 3 girls). In this

     class there is no division into age groups, young people born in 2000 and younger are allowed to play. (Please

     register as team 9.) 

► Because boy teams are decreasing in the most countries, it is possible that competition classes of boys and girls 

     in the age groups IV and V would play in one pool together - but in the end a separate evaluation will be carried


► If there are too many teams, age-categories will be divided in two or three leagues for different abilities /

     that’s the case in almost every girl’s category.

Youth Cup on Saturday and Sunday


competition class I         age group 2000 and younger (6 versus 6)

competition class II        age group 2003 and younger (6 versus 6)

competition class III       age group 2005 and younger (6 versus 6)

competition class IV       age group 2007 and younger (4 versus 4; field size: 7m x 7m)

competition class V        age group 2008 and younger (3 versus 3; field size: 6m x 6m)

NEW: mixed                      age group 2000 and younger (6 versus 6; at least 3 girls)


► Either 2 sets or best of three.

► If there are at least 16 teams we´ll promise at least six matches for each team.

► Every team needs to act as a referee just as the playing schedule says.

► You play in the stadium in Regenstauf. There will be more than 60 fields.

Like in the last years, there are teams in every category from 8 nations expected:
  Czech Republic,
 The Netherlands and Slovakia.

But: Every year we try to get new interesting teams from every European country. Every club from a new country will get a special surprise.


And there is already the first big competition!!!!

Recommend our tournament!

Promote for us at other teams, in the internet, on Facebook … - so this special youth tournament will still exist.

We award the three clubs,

who promote the most new clubs for this tournament,

with an acceptable prize money.

In addition, we offer for every new promoted club a voucher for meals in our pavilion (worth: 25€)